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Incidence of Syphilis Has Been Increasing, and Uveitis May Be Its First Sign
Because of the potentially devastating neurologic consequences of syphilis, this sexually transmitted disease should be considered in all patients who initially appear with uveitis.
Adverse side effects are a potential risk with nearly every medication, so scientists from the University of Oxford in England looked at if this phenomenon occurs in common drugs that are used to treat the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
As people's lives get busy one of the things that suffers the most is their ability to get the proper amount of sleep. This can range from mild sleep issues to more extensive bouts of insomnia.
For patients who struggle with positive airway pressure machines there have been developments in recent years to help them treat their sleep apnea and other disorders.
Whether it is obstructive or central sleep apnea or any number of other conditions finding the right treatment method can make a big difference in improving quality of life.
One of the consequences of lung disease for patients can be significant sleep issues. While these are important to manage in the general population, the need is even greater for this group as well.
When patients are looking for a pulmonary rehabilitation center it is not enough to find anywhere that offers a program. Working with their doctors can ensure they find the help they need from the place best suited for their needs.
From the time a patient enters pulmonary rehab until their condition runs its course a total team effort is required to ensure the best results possible.
Patients with cardiac conditions are familiar with the process of rehabilitation after an event as they work to get better. For pulmonary rehab the work is focused on different angles to help improve the quality of life in patients in different ways.

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