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Measles Vaccination Rate Raises Fears
Nine million US children have not been vaccinated for measles, raising concerns that there could be major outbreaks of the illness, researchers said at ID Week 2015.
Neurologists seeing patients with seizures who are from developing countries in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and other countries with much poverty and poor sanitation should be on the lookout for neurocysticercosis, a condition related to exposure to tapeworms.
Enterovirus D68 caused hundreds of hospitalizations and five deaths across the US in 2014. It left many mysteries, including why so many people got it since a CDC study showed the US populace is basically immune the virus, one discovered in 1962. Why it was linked to paralysis in some children is also unclear. But three experts at ID Week 2015 today agreed, EV-D68 will be back.
Patients on non-recommended treatment regimens are less likely to achieve viral suppression and more likely to report side effects.
Researchers report that waiting more than 2 years between HIV screenings is associated with double the rate of AIDS by CD4+ criteria at the time of HIV diagnosis when compared with more frequent testing.
The new guidelines provide important updates in four key areas, including behavioral screening for possible HIV transmission, sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment, HIV partner services, and referral for medical and social services.
The ECTRIMS conference may be based in Europe but as the conference has grown so has its global impact on multiple sclerosis treatment. With topics ranging from newly approved therapies to those in the pipeline to those not yet ready for testing there is lots to learn in the yearly event.
In the world of multiple sclerosis treatment the relapsing remitting form of the disease is well ahead of the primary progressive form.
A pair of phase III studies revealed positive efficacy and safety outcomes for ocrelizumab, and this could be a game-changer for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).


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