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Walnut-Rich Diets Help Lower Cholesterol Levels
Increasing daily intake of walnuts has been linked to lower cholesterol levels, overall weight, and quality of diet.
Researchers are close to identifying reliable biological, genetic, and radiological biomarkers of migraine.
Computed tomography may be a better tool for diagnosing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the frequent comorbidity pulmonary hypertension than the conventional method of using pulmonary function tests, Chinese researchers report.
A recent review shows that guidelines and testing for patients with distal symmetric polyneuropathy (DSP) can and should be improved.
Children with autism have a distinctly different functional connectivity, federal researchers report.
Moderate consumption of alcohol can lower the risk of ischemic stroke, Korean researchers report.
With soldiers, sailors, and airmen deploying overseas their physical condition when they come back can be vastly different from when they first left. Finding the best ways to treat these patients has been the focus of recent studies on this topic.
As new medications are approved for patients with allergies and asthma it becomes more important that doctors are able to provide them with the key information about these therapies and what it can mean for their overall care.
Conditions like asthma and seasonal allergies can start when a patient is very young and stay with them throughout the course of their lives. As a result careful monitoring and treatment can greatly help improve the quality of life for those patients.


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