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Shifting Patterns of Hepatitis C Genotypes Distribution Seen
Hepatitis C has seven genotypes. Researchers in China looked at the geographic distribution of genotypes among people co-infected with hep C and HIV.
Asthma patients who are younger, have poor mental health, or are recently diagnosed have greater treatment needs,a German study found.
The use of preconditioned mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may offer a new, safer alternative to other cellular therapies used for tissue regeneration, according to recent study.
The Penn Medicine clinical trial uses kidneys from deceased donors who were infected with the hepatitis C virus. The first person in the trial received a kidney transplant in July and then underwent treatment with a regimen of Zepatier, one of the direct acting antiviral drugs approved recently to treat the virus.
In a potential future where 3D printing plays a large role in hospital medicine, pliable, bio-adaptive, custom bone transplants could be quickly printed using a new "ink" developed by researchers at Northwestern.
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