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ICYMI: The 10 Best Health Stories from September
The MD Magazine editors rounded up the 10 best stories from September – did you read them all?
A considerable amount of progress has been made in battling the AIDS epidemic in recent years. However more work still needs to be done in certain patient populations.
A new study examined the cost of increasingly prevalent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in both the United States and Europe and places the bill in the hundreds of billions.
The body’s inflammatory response to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one reason why patients with HIV can experience chronic pain.
Online software can reduce attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) behaviors in children, according to findings published in Pediatrics.
While there are some things medical professionals can do to help address sexual issues in relationships most of their work can focus on helping the patients help themselves overcome the issues they are facing in their daily lives.
In these busy times there can be many things that can get in the way of a healthy relationship on a variety of levels. Identifying these barriers and knowing what to do about them can be very difficult issues to tackle for patients and providers alike.

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