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Common Remedies Can Damage Older Brains
New neuroimaging research out of Indiana University offers visual proof that anticholinergic drugs such as Nyquil, Excedrin PM, and Benadryl can cause cognitive impairment in mature patients.
Patients with Parkinson's Disease face a wide range of challenges that can extend to their caregivers. One newly studied area in this field is psychosis for this patient population and what can be done to help them.
In the early stages of treatment for Parkinson's Disease Levodopa is a popular option for patients. As the effects of the medication wear off it can make life difficult for these patients as they wait for their next dose. A new inhaled formulation could help fill in the gaps for this patient population.
The average healthcare professional cleans their hands less than half the amount that they should – a horrifying statistic on its own, but especially poignant on May 5, World Hand Hygiene Day.
Half of very young children with ADHD are treated with medication rather than the behavioral modification that the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended as first-line treatment, a CDC report finds.
This year at HRS, there has been a huge focus placed on social media and the power of communication within the digital space.
Certolizumab pegol is a safe alternative tumor necrosis factor-a inhibitor (TNFi) which may offer a few benefits to psoriatic arthritis
As officials continue to investigate the death of Prince Rogers Nelson at the age of 57, talk of a prescription drug addiction has been in the forefront.
Yutao Liu, MD, PhD, Georgia Regents University, discussed how he and his team can potentially target genes to either reduce glaucoma or provide neuroprotection specifically for the mitochondria in the retina.

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