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Online Eye Exam Site Shakes Up Vision Healthcare
It can sometimes seem like there truly is an app for everything these days. From tools that monitor how many steps the user takes each day to applications that assess sleep patterns, physicians and patients have a wide array of choices that can help them maintain good health.
An implanted version of the opiate addiction drug buprenorphine has been approved by the FDA.
While cataracts may be one of the most common conditions being treated the National Eye Institute is also looking at ways to treat other less commonly seen issues as well.
Cataracts are one of the most common diagnosis in eye care but there is still work being done to help treat the condition in the most effective way possible.
When treating patients with a variety of conditions it can be easy for the lines of care to be blurred, this is particularly true when treating patients with conditions like diabetes and heart failure among others.
Treating patients with diabetes can be enough of a challenge for doctors, add in the comorbidity of cardiac conditions as well and the work gets that much harder to navigate for even the most veteran clinicians.
Sunny skies and summer months usually can’t arrive soon enough, and depending on travel destinations, skincare in the heat can be overwhelming.
Patients can control and reduce their risk for contracting colon cancer and colitis by maintaining a balance of two major isoforms, according to findings published in the journal eLife.
As medications for hepatitis C become more widely used, studies are being done to see how effective these treatments are when used in combination.

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