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Focus on the Gut Microbiome to Manage Psoriasis
The gut microbiome has previously been considered a therapeutic target for the immune system, and new research suggests the microbiome’s composition can hold the key to managing psoriasis.
Stepping down asthma therapy is often avoided because of fear of exacerbation, but a better understanding of factors that predict step-down outcomes could encourage clinicians to wean patients off medications appropriately.
Lucentis can improve DME that has proven resistant to laser therapy, Trivaris, and Avastin, according to a retrospective review of chart data from the Indianapolis University School of Medicine.
In an extensive review of previous studies and trials, the European League Against Rheumatism has assigned recommendations for and against various pharmacological and non-pharmacological fibromyalgia treatments.
The field of population health may still be a relatively new venture but work is being done on a variety of levels to raise its profile and make it a larger contributor to the medical community as a whole.
For many veteran doctors there may be a leaning toward staying the course that has guided them through their careers. As times change there have been signs that doctors must also adapt to the changing medical landscape.
Saying the Guidelines fill a “significant clinical void,” the organization celebrated awareness of the rheumatic condition with a series of stringently approved recommendations for its treatment.
There may not be a lot known about population medicine across the medical community but those involved believe as more is known about the specialty the more benefit it can provide for doctors and patients alike.
At the American College of Cardiology's annual meeting in Chicago the opening discussion in front of thousands of the top doctors across the country focused on a developing specialty aimed at improving patient health in non-traditional ways.

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