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The Effects of Dietary Fat and Carbohydrate on Metabolic Health
A new meta-analysis of 102 randomized controlled diet trials found that consumption of polyunsaturated fat instead of carbohydrate or saturated fat reduces blood sugar levels and insulin resistance while also increasing the body’s ability to make insulin.
Frequency of gout in the United States has tripled in the last 50 years, but the realm of medical imaging has seen even more exponential growth. A group from UCLA has released designs for a system that provides a field of view 100 times larger than the former “gold standard” for gout diagnosis.
New research comparing patients and controls suggests that the body’s inflammatory response to psoriatic arthritis can lead to atherosclerosis and then to cardiovascular disease.
in December 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changed a 30-year blood donation policy – but now, it may go back.
As Northwell Health continues to grow its treatment of liver disease one of the biggest steps it is taking is developing a liver transplant program for patients in the Long Island area and beyond.
Now that most forms of hepatitis C are treatable if not curable other conditions like fatty liver disease are drawing a lot of attention in the field of hepatology. While doctors make this change in direction there is still work being done to manage risk factors in patients at risk of contracting the disease.
The gut microbiome has previously been considered a therapeutic target for the immune system, and new research suggests the microbiome’s composition can hold the key to managing psoriasis.
It was not long ago that hepatitis C was difficult if not impossible to treat for many patients. Today very much the opposite is true for this patient population.
Stepping down asthma therapy is often avoided because of fear of exacerbation, but a better understanding of factors that predict step-down outcomes could encourage clinicians to wean patients off medications appropriately.

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