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Popular OTC Acid Reflux Medicines May Carry Substantial Negative Side Effects, Studies Show
Atop already surprising studies that linked their daily use with increased risk of kidney failure, new data has emerged that shows they may also contribute to weakening of the bones.
The treatment of HIV has improved by leaps and bounds since its first diagnosis but there is still much more work to be done.
In June of 2016 when nearly 50 people were killed in a shooting at an Orlando night club it brought the LGBT community to the forefront of the headlines. Even for people not at the club it raised concerns that they shared as an indirect affect of the tragic events.
Patients in general require individualized care, but this is especially important in certain patient populations like the LGBT community where they have different concerns from others in a variety of ways.
Patients of all ages at risk of contracting HIV can benefit from PrEP, including women according to recent studies.
Harvard researchers find that pure green light did not exacerbate pain in migraine sufferers, and may even reduce it by as much as 20%. The discovery could lead to innovations that make life much easier for those with frequent migraines.
Research from Washington University in St. Louis underlines the importance of screening publically insured urban children who are experiencing psychological distress for suicide risk, regardless of ethnicity and age.
A recent study indicates that commonly available data can help physicians create a risk score that helps predict which older adults are most at risk of developing pneumonia.
Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, otherwise known as PrEP is a medication designed to help at risk patients avoid contracting HIV. While there are many potential benefits to this treatment it is not as widely available as some on the medical community might like.

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