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Red Meat-Eaters: Beware of Kidney Failure Risk
Enjoying a nice steak dinner may actually take a toll on the kidneys, increasing people’s risk for kidney disease, or failure.
The strongest pain pill prescriptions come with the potential risk of addiction. For patients who are already battling the disease, finding pain relief presents quite a challenge.
The diagnosis and treatment processes for brain tumors are very important and delicate times for the patients which requires a delicate touch by their doctors.
For millions of Americans, including as many as one in four children, the painful skin irritation of atopic dermatitis (AD, or eczema), may only be the tip of the iceberg.
There are many varieties of brain tumors and they each require different approaches in treatment if one exists. Finding the right treatment and potential new ones is a focus of the field overall.
There is a natural fear and anxiety when patients hear the term brain tumor. However, doctors are working to alleviate that as much as possible through a variety of treatments and procedures.
Unlike previous generations where men did not talk about low testosterone levels that is not as much of an issue today which helps patients get the help they need.
A recent analysis from Germany concludes that patients with hepatitis C graft may have better options for standard therapy than telaprevir, but access to new treatments remains limited.
With the population living longer low testosterone is becoming a growing problem in the population with no definitive answer on how to address it.

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