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CDC Calls for PrEP for Porn Stars
A porn actor infected with HIV put 17 sex partners in four countries at risk and infected at least two of them, CDC investigators report. The agency called on federal OSHA officials to enact worker protection rules for sex-film workers, including use of pre-exposure prophylactic drugs.
Gut microbiota may trigger fat loss in response to colder temperatures, according to findings published in the journal Cell.
After a colorectal cancer diagnosis, patients may experience low rates of job retention, according to a research letter published in JAMA.
Agency to take measures to fight opioid abuse epidemic while protecting appropriate access to vitally important pain medications for the patients who need them.
When more and more women with fibromyalgia began seeking care for pelvic pain syndromes, researchers from Oregon Health & Science University set out to examine the connection in a larger group of patients.
The risk of death due to comorbidity after hospitalization for community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is substantial, a Norwegian follow-up study has confirmed.
In the US, the prevalence of smoking among people with HIV infection is roughly three times that of the general population. Researchers in Texas and New York reviewed the studies and found the most successful smoking cessation strategies for this group.
Through 30 years of research HIV has gone from being a death sentence for patients to something that can be more of a chronic condition. Antiretroviral therapy has been a key part of that fight and now there is more good news about this treatment option.
Low back pain can be prevented with a combination of exercise and education.


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