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Single Visit to Severe Asthma Center Produced Long-term Improvements for Many with Uncontrolled Asthma
One year after a one-day visit to a severe asthma center, patients with previously uncontrolled asthma had better asthma control and quality of life and used fewer healthcare resources.
Studies have shown that adults born between 1945 and 1965 (aka “baby boomers”) are more likely to have come into contact with hepatitis C.
The accumulation of debt by med school students is well documented, and although government programs exist to help alleviate some of that debt, the nature and reach of those programs may be changing. A study examines the average debt of American medical schools, how it impacts their careers, and ways it might be encouragingly alleviated.
It has become increasingly common for patients having experienced as few as three episodes of diverticulitis to opt for colectomy. A study examines the efficacy of younger, less frequent sufferers receiving the surgery earlier than guidelines typically recommend.
The looming threat of malpractice litigation greatly impacts neurosurgeons, who sometimes take passive or active approaches to try to mitigate their risk of being sued. The debate regarding the necessity and impact of defensive medicine, as it involves neurosurgery, is lively, and draws many conflicting opinions.
While many physicians recommend weight loss in advance of bariatric surgery, and many insurance provides require it, a wide-ranging study suggests that the benefits of such preparatory dieting may actually be negligible.
Studies conflict as to whether bilateral simultaneous total knee arthroplasty can be as safe and effective as staged procedures, though researchers believe it may be suitable for some patient populations.
With doctors having busy schedules to begin with it can be difficult to help patients who may have an addiction or issue with opioids. Taking a few extra minutes can sometimes make all the difference in helping these vulnerable patients avoid a much worse scenario.
When most people think of palliative care their first thought is likely to hospice and end of life oncology care, but experts in the field are working to change and expand that perception to other areas of health care as well.

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