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Motivational Health Coaching Reduces COPD Hosptial Readmissions
A new study suggests that personal, motivational coaching may reduce instances of e-hospitalization among COPD patients. " It is a process that happens with a patient; it is not something the coach does to a patient,” says that study's lead author.
A new study out of Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) is the first to show a direct link between pain level and risk of opioid addiction – and the increased risk is substantial.
As patients with diabetes progress throughout their lives there may be a need to increase treatment to help manage their symptoms. A recent study looked at how likely patients are to intensify their treatment and what that can mean for their care.
Dietary oily fish content and other omega 3 fatty acids can benefit patients suffering from bowel (colorectal) cancer, and even lower their risk of death.
The traditional sublingual delivery method of buprenorphine has revealed adherence issues in patients, but the implant version appears to have fixed that problem.
Researchers have reported that higher serum clusterin levels in children may be linked with atopic dermatitis symptom severity.
Doctors who did body cavity searches of a drug suspect without a warrant were named in two out-of-court settlements totaling $1.5 million. The ACLU says the practice is common and doctors should feel free to refuse despite pressure from law enforcement.
Recent advances in the field of hepatitis C therapy has prompted the European Medicines Agency to update its guideline for designing clinical trials on investigational direct-acting antiviral drugs that target chronic infection of the virus.
With a new armamentarium of medications, procedures, and operations patients with any number of cardiac conditions are seeing their quality of lives improve dramatically for considerably longer.

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