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Social Media: A Helping Hand for Young Adults with Diabetes or Mental Health Issues
People may self-educate and seek support in others with similar diseases and disorders. This may be constructive (e.g., learning grounding techniques to help with anxiety) or harmful (e.g., pro-anorexia pages).
In many, if not most cases, there can be a break in the chain between researchers and the doctors they are developing treatments for. When that divide does not exist it can mean more direct access for doctors and patients to the latest treatments even in the development stages.
Overt clinical hypothyroidism increases placental abruption, gestational diabetes, premature membrane rupture, preterm birth, low birth weight, and perinatal mortality risk.
Though testing patients in the emergency department for Hepatitis C adds time to their length of stay, the benefits of detection are self-evident.
“With the development of monoclonal antibodies that neutralize specific cytokines and the aid of biomarkers, new avenues for the treatment of asthma have been explored.”
Personality traits such as being calm and organized are associated with types of uveitis, researchers in India found.
Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute mapped a key protein in Hepatitis C to determine why so many previous attempts at a vaccine had fallen short.
Adulthood for juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients doesn’t eliminate the risk for uveitis-related visual complications, but a recent Dutch study reported that for most the outcomes appear to be “fairly good.” The caveat, however, was that one-third of the patients in study became visually impaired or blind in one eye as young adults.
A vaginal ring can protect women from HIV infection but women who are in physically abusive relationships fear using it.

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