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Elite Athletes May Not Have Better Eye Control After All
It may seem like elite athletes have a leg up on non-sports players when it comes to eye control, but research out of the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom says that’s not exactly the case.
Patients with the hereditary degenerative eye disease retinitis pigmentosa (RP) may delay their loss of daytime vision by taking a traditional Chinese plant remedy Lycium barbarum also known as goji berry or wolfberry
A team of surgeons has demonstrated a surgical model using cadavers for total human eye allotransplantation.
"We hope there are strategies for regeneration of the optic nerve and making synaptic connections to the higher order brain structure, because those are the key issues."
Patients with epilepsy will soon have another option to control seizures with the approval of a new formulation of perampanel (Fycompa), developed by Eisai Inc.
Sometimes things we enjoy cause harm, and our career can be one of those things....how do you make sense of that?
As long as they are able, people with multiple sclerosis should sit less and move around more. Sedentary behavior worsens the disease, a UK team reports.
For obese patients, bariatric surgery may decrease life threatening heart failure incidents, according to research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
A new study has uncovered a potential shared genetic source between psoriasis and obesity, which could also address a connection among psoriasis, type 2 diabetes, and body mass index (BMI).

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