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NFL Player Fighting to Keep His Foot
New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells remains in a New York hospital in serious condition following the discovery of a severe infection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in his ankle.
As patients with multiple sclerosis get older memory loss becomes a growing problem. Ways to slow that process including digital technology to help keep a patient's brain sharp.
Respiratory viruses send patients of all ages to hospitals. A University of Massachusetts team analyzed exactly which viruses were most common and the degrees to which they made people ill.
Optic neuritis is linked to multiple sclerosis and a treatment to help patients with this condition continues to work its way through the research and approval process. Unlike other areas of multiple sclerosis treatment there is no singular way to measure or determine cognitive impairment in patients.
Air pollution affects liver health and can cause fibrosis, according to findings published in the Journal of Hepatology.
Though it is still in development, a blood test may be able to detect pancreatic cancer in early stages, according to a proof of concept study published in Cancer Prevention Research.
There are so many problems associated with the aging spine in older people that Canadian researchers want to coin a new term to cover them, called "degenerative cervical myelopathy."
Probiotics don’t stop superbugs from colonizing in very ill patients’ intestinal tracts, according to a recent study published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.
Genetic mutations in hereditary colorectal cancers may be detectable, according to findings published in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.


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