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Q&A With Mark Freedman From the University Ottawa: Longterm Studies of Aubagio Continue to Show Safety for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
With some patients being treated for multiple sclerosis with Aubagio for more than a decade questions have been raised about the safety of the treatment for such a long period of time. Further research has shown it to still be safe for the people who need it most.
It can be easy to look at the treatment of multiple sclerosis and stop at the physical symptoms of the disease. For patients living with the condition their daily lives are about more than the symptoms and making them work within their own individual challenges.
A recent review article provided updated information on classification systems, preventive techniques, pathophysiological mechanisms, and treatment options for postoperative ileus.
A research team from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, set out to identify factors associated with variation in hospital hepatopancreatobiliary surgery charges.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to identify lesions in the central nervous system in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), but not all patients with active disease have identifiable lesions, and researchers are mixed over the extent to which lesions can be used as a marker for MS disease activity.
No one was more shocked than local HIV specialists when an epidemic of HIV hit a small town in Indiana. Diane Janowicz, MD, a Bloomington, Indiana AIDS/HIV specialist gave ID Week attendees a detailed description of how she and other health officials and entities handled the case.
What do you do when you need to test drug therapies for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome but the usual animal subjects do not get the disease? Easy, you just engineer a new kind of mouse.


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