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Younger Women Have a Higher Risk of Pregnancy-Associated Stroke
Age is more than just a number when it comes to stroke risk in pregnant women. It turns out that younger women are at a disadvantage on this one.
Prescription testosterone products have become dramatically more popular over the past decade. The FDA now wants their litany of serious adverse side effects more clearly stated.
There are many parts of everyday life that can be affected by a patient adjusting their diet. Providers suggesting these changes and patients making the changes over the long term are proving to be harder to accomplish in most cases.
With an aging population dementia and Alzheimer's Disease are becoming growing problems in the medical community. Recent research has shown benefits of diet slowing the progression of these conditions.
People may self-educate and seek support in others with similar diseases and disorders. This may be constructive (e.g., learning grounding techniques to help with anxiety) or harmful (e.g., pro-anorexia pages).
In many, if not most cases, there can be a break in the chain between researchers and the doctors they are developing treatments for. When that divide does not exist it can mean more direct access for doctors and patients to the latest treatments even in the development stages.
Overt clinical hypothyroidism increases placental abruption, gestational diabetes, premature membrane rupture, preterm birth, low birth weight, and perinatal mortality risk.
Though testing patients in the emergency department for hepatitis C adds time to their length of stay, the benefits of detection are self-evident.
“With the development of monoclonal antibodies that neutralize specific cytokines and the aid of biomarkers, new avenues for the treatment of asthma have been explored.”

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