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The Value of HIPAA Compliance in Telehealth
In today’s technology age, we want information when we want it. Which often means right now. And from tablets and smart phones, to smart watches and health monitoring devices, having that availability of information readily at our fingertips has become the norm.
Although a vaccine induced antibodies specific to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), it failed to protect against the infection.
Two commonly prescribed gout therapies have also been shown to successfully treat another life-altering condition, researchers reported.
Oxygen therapy patients with diagnosed COPD often are of lower socioeconomic status and female, according to a report published in PLOS One.
Surgeons and podiatrists debate the best management approach for adolescent hallux valgus (bunions), a condition that occurs in up to 30% of adolescents. Conservative management (including footwear modifications, orthotics, and analgesia) rarely prevents progression. But surgery (a general term that includes more than 100 different procedures) has been associated with a high likelihood of post-surgery recurrence or deformity.
Treatment success may be able to be predicted in Alzheimer’s disease patients based on gene variant testing.
A cocktail a day may keep the doctor away when it comes to patients with chronic widespread pain (CWP).


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