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Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Combat Renal Failure?
Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Combat Renal Failure?
A new review of existing research on hypogonadism suggested that testosterone replacement therapy can ameliorate the morbidity associated with renal failure in many men.
Genetic Biomarker Associated with Psoriatic Arthritis, But Not Psoriasis
Although psoriatic arthritis (PsA) only targets those diagnosed with psoriasis, a genetic factor has been discovered that only pinpoints the former.
Diabetes Diagnosis Opens a Window of Opportunity for Weight Loss
When patients are initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, clinicians usually recommend several lifestyle changes, including weight loss. Few studies have looked at weight changes in patients with type 2 diabetes around initial diagnosis, although it’s clear that it is more difficult for patients with diabetes to lose weight than it is for others.
Chronic Itch: Gastrointestinal Peptides as Possible Contributors
Chronic itch (itch last 6 weeks or longer) is a clinical challenge, and is associated with a number of dermatologic, systemic, neuropathic, and psychogenic causes. Transmission of the itch sensation is similar to that of pain, but distinct in several ways. Scientists have found itch-specific neuronal pathways that when activated, cause considerable discomfort for patients. Current available treatments, however, are still more trial-and-error than evidence-based.
Is Hair Restoration Worth the Risk of Potential Persistent Sexual Side Effects?
Hair loss, whether it's partial or complete, is troubling to many people. By age 50, 35 to 50 percent of American men have significant hair loss, and hair thinning and loss increases with age. Many people associate hair loss with premature aging, making pharmaceuticals that arrest hair loss quite popular. However, they are not without certain side effects.
Electromagnetic Fields Found to Negatively Affect Testosterone Levels
Exposure to electromagnetic fields had been recently found to reduce the amount of testosterone men produce, potentially reducing their fertility.
Food Allergies & Financial Repercussions
Numerous studies have attempted to quantify the medical toll that severe food allergies inflict upon children. Now, a study from Sweden provides new data about the financial toll they inflict upon families.

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