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By Jeannette Wick
Many healthcare institutions and watchdog organizations look at 30-day survival after surgery as a measure of quality, but can those metrics adversely influence patient outcomes?
By Frank J. Domino, MD
It is worrisome that "high-impact" data read by most healthcare providers and then further interpreted and distributed by lay news organizations may have funder bias.
Moderate wine intake is associated with reduced odds of chronic kidney disease, according to a study presented at the National Kidney Foundation's 2014 Spring Clinical Meetings, held from April 22 to 26 in Las Vegas.
Changes in medical education and training are suggested to help new physicians address the needs of patients and their families, according to an ideas and opinions piece published in the April 22 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.
The US Food and Drug Administration has proposed a new program to provide earlier access to high-risk medical devices intended to treat or diagnose patients with serious conditions whose medical needs are not met by current technology.
Sugar-sweetened beverage intake is associated with elevated blood pressure, according to a review published in the May 1 issue of The American Journal of Cardiology.
For insulin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes, nocturnal hypoglycemia is associated with increased frequency of arrhythmia, according to a study published in the May issue of Diabetes.
Study results to be presented at the 2014 AAN annual meeting show asymptomatic carotid stenosis may also contribute to impaired memory, cognitive function, and decision making.
Patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy without traditional risk factors and with no or mild symptoms have a considerable rate of sudden cardiac death, according to a study published in the May 1 issue of The American Journal of Cardiology.
By Jeannette Wick
Although ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm is rare and usually asymptomatic, it is a rapidly life-threatening condition with outcomes that differ greatly by country.
Physician's Money Digest
State income taxes can be confusing. While some states have no income tax at all, others have multiple brackets. Does your state have one of the highest top income tax rates?
The business of catering to vices is doing well and the portfolios of people invested in tobacco, gaming, and alcohol stocks are benefiting.