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Latest Specialty Pharmacy Headlines
By Davy James, Associate Editor
CVS Caremark report projects that transition of specialty drugs from the medical benefit to the pharmacy benefit could provide significant cost relief to payers.
By Eileen Oldfield, Associate Editor
Inflammatory bowel disease patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy had decreased immunogenicity to at least 1 of the 3 strains in the trivalent flu vaccine.
By Davy James, Associate Editor
By Davy James, Associate Editor
By Davy James, Associate Editor
Treatment found to cause a delay in tumor growth during clinical trials.
Physician's Money Digest
The business of catering to vices is doing well and the portfolios of people invested in tobacco, gaming, and alcohol stocks are benefiting.
Adding private equity funds to your portfolio can lead to higher returns and lower risk over the long term, but choosing a private fund takes much more due diligence than selecting a mutual fund.