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Research indicates that there are probable etiologies of low back pain that can affect treatment outcome and that ignoring pain can possibly cause chronic neurological changes.
Review by a German commission also found major benefits in patients who had not responded to prior treatment with other medications.
More than one-quarter of hospital medicine services were rated by ordering physicians as at least a partially defensive order, according to a research letter published online Sept. 15 in JAMA Internal Medicine.
Basic intestinal microorganisms influence the HIV virus’ attack plan against the immune system, according to a study published in Cell Host & Microbe.
The case of the “Mississippi baby,” who was deemed HIV-free but relapsed 2 years after ceasing treatment, adds to evidence researchers can use to find an effective cure.
Currently prescribed doses of maraviroc, an HIV medication, are ineffective for half of African Americans due to the overproduction of a protein that rapidly removes the drug from their bodies.
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