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Paul Offit, MD, from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, talked about vaccine safety and the ongoing public health effects of misinformation about this topic.
Online system that allows preschools and child care centers to report illnesses to local public health departments could improve the detection of disease outbreaks and allow resources to be mobilized more quickly.
Tina Tan, MD, offers insights on preparations for the approaching cold and flu season, which could be one of the worst in years.
Stephen Gluckman, MD, talks about the challenges facing doctors who treat patients infected with Ebola or Enterovirus D68. He also discusses issues facing clinicians as cold and flu season gets underway.
The University of Michigan has been synonymous with the flu vaccine since its first usage and Arnold Monto, MD, says work continues to make the vaccine as safe and effective as possible.
Jeff Duchin, MD, of the Seattle and King County Departments of Public Health, discusses enterovirus and the relationship with treatment during cold and flu season.
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