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Binge alcohol exposure impairs key components of the immune system involved in wound repair, which may account for the delayed wound healing seen in people who are injured while intoxicated, according to an animal study published online April 1 in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.
Administering 2 so-called pregnancy hormones simultaneously in patients suffering from intractable pain may significantly reduce their opioid use, pain, and flare intensity.
The portrayal of tobacco use on television dramas has decreased since 1955, in line with historical cigarette consumption trends, according to a study published online April 3 in Tobacco Control.
Obese women who smoke may not be able to fully perceive creaminess and sweetness, according to a study published in Obesity.
Men who began smoking before age 11 are more likely to have sons with higher BMIs than sons of men who never smoke, according to research in the European Journal of Human Genetics.
The use of baclofen, typically used for spasms in spinal cord injury patients, can significantly reduce craving triggers for cocaine-addicted patients.
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