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A specific mutation in one key gene interferes with early brain development and even causes epilepsy.
The undeclared ingredients sibutramine and/or phenolphthalein have been found in the following bee pollen weight loss products: Zi Xiu Tang, Ultimate Formula, Fat Zero, Bella Vi Amp'd Up, Insane Amp'd Up, Slim Trim U, Infinity, Perfect Body Solution, Asset Extreme, Asset Extreme Plus, Asset Bold, and Asset Bee Pollen, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.
At six years of age, no adverse effects on IQ can be seen from antiepileptic drug exposure via breast milk, according to a study published June 16 in JAMA Pediatrics.
New research suggests a mathematical algorithm can predict the onset of seizures in epilepsy patients up to 20 minutes in advance.
One-year-olds who receive Priorix-Tetra -- the measles-mumps-rubella-varicella (MMRV) vaccine used in Canada -- are twice as likely to develop a fever-related seizure as children who receive separate MMR and varicella vaccines, according to research published online June 9 in CMAJ, the journal of the Canadian Medical Association. The findings are in line with a 2010 study of the MMRV vaccine used in the United States, known as ProQuad.
A recent study has discovered that children with both ADHD and recent-onset epilepsy display a unique brain morphology compared to healthy patients.
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