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A hypertension medication was reported as being effective for treating post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, according to the results of a new study.
Although variouis contraceptives are available for women whose baseline health is good, women who have chronic medical conditions have unique concerns.
A study spanning 20 years found people with hypertension in middle age (48 to 67 years old) are more likely to experience cognitive decline in their 70s and 80s.
New guidelines for the management of pulmonary arterial hypertension include 79 recommendations and expert consensus statements, as well as appropriate use of the latest drug therapies.
Patients with painful diabetic polyneuropathy can have higher nocturnal blood pressure, according to a study published in Diabetes Care.
Hypertension during midlife is associated with greater cognitive decline during a 20-year period, according to research published online August 4 in JAMA Neurology.
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