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Adult male hypogonadism (HG) is the most common form of diminished gonadal activity in men. Most clinicians prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to treat primary HG, but other therapeutic options are available.
The progression of aging can be tracked – and even slowed – by a blood test that can also possibly detect early warning signs of more serious illnesses.
New research indicates that an over-the-counter supplement doesn’t raise testosterone levels but a widely used class of prescription drug may lower them.
A new study finds that low testosterone levels are associated with frailty and other health problems in men with Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
How much can you predict about what people will do by measuring the testosterone in their saliva?
A new analysis of Medicare data has found that prostate cancer patients who use testosterone replacement therapy live just as long as those who don’t and do not have greater need for androgen deprivation therapy.
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