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Neuropathic Pain

Looking back over a 30-year career in pain medicine, the author laments the shift from comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain care to a model that focuses on pills and procedures to treat chronic pain.
The guidelines were developed as part of a multi-part plan to curb misuse, abuse, and diversion of opioid medication by preventing opioid medications from being inappropriately prescribed in the emergency department, and by reducing the overuse of emergency departments for pain relief.
Diabetic neuropathic pain can be controlled with a low-fat vegan diet, according to research presented at the American Association of Diabetic Educators Annual Meeting.
Rescheduling hydrocodone combination products to the more-restrictive schedule II will impact clinicians and patients suffering with chronic pain, but will it have the desired effect on the misuse and abuse of these products?
Treatment-resistant cases of trigeminal neuralgia may be treated with duloxetine, according to a new case study.
An Australian team of researchers injected 10 female neuropathic pain patients with stem cells, which were overall, well-tolerated, according to research published in the Journal of Pain Research.
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