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Nursing: The Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don't Shortage
Is there a shortage of nurses in the US? It depends on how you look at it, and where you look. But everyone agrees more nurse educators are needed.
The doctor-patient relationship is critically important, yet the intermittent nature of the relationship often makes it difficult to make meaningful connections. These 9 tips, offered from a patient perspective, can help facilitate bonding.
How do you attract more patients to your practice? Some lessons from the blueberry farm may help.
The future of care is bright but only if physician entrepreneurs and their colleagues in care can face up to the challenges by deploying innovation and creating the business models and ecosystems to sustain it.
Although many patients with arthritis have a difficult time engaging in high-intensity exercises, that may be the very thing they need to reduce their risk for cardiovascular complications associated with the disease.
The choice between impulse buying and delayed gratification can have a major impact on our finances. It turns out there's a neurological explanation for this.
With value-based healthcare becoming more prominent doctors are having to change the way they approach their practice. Whether it is the way they treat their patients or their ability to work as independent practitioners, there are many questions physicians need to answer on a daily basis.

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