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Why Was the Flu Vaccine for 2014-2015 Widely Ineffective?
It has been estimated that only one out of 4 people who received the 2014-2015 flu vaccine were protected from the illness.
Having acknowledged that the 2014-15 flu vaccine was mismatched to the circulating influenza strains, US health officials have strengthened next season's vaccine for broader protection.
Most pediatric pneumonia cases are caused by respiratory viruses, not bacterial infections, according to findings published in NEMJ.
Naturally occurring cross-protective T-cell immunity may protect against disease in polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-confirmed influenza, according to a study published online April 6 in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

A second trial of intranasal flu vaccines in children with egg allergies has reached the same conclusion as the first: The trace amounts of egg protein do not trigger systemic reactions such as anaphylaxis.
Avian flu (H7N9 influenza) is gaining strength in China and has the potential to emerge as a life-threatening virus for humans across the globe, a new report suggests. The study was published in the March 11 issue of Nature.
Researchers are monitoring swine influenza viruses as part of ongoing work to prepare for the next potential virulent strain of flu.

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