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Q&A With John Kelso From Scripps Clinic: Looking At Vaccinations Beyond Cold & Flu Season
When most people think of vaccines their first thought is often the flu shot. For many patients, especially older patients there are other conditions to consider as well.
While many people get their flu vaccine on a yearly basis there are some who are still hesitant while others simply refuse. New modes of delivery and new guidelines aim to help answer some lingering questions patients may have.
The flu season of 2014 was one of the worst in recent memory which brought up questions about the flu vaccine which patients received in order to prevent contracting the disease. The answers for those questions could provide better results in years to come.
October has been pinpointed as the start of flu season in the United States. So if prevention of the contagious illness isn’t enough to convince patients to get their influenza vaccine, a new analysis involving stroke risk just might.
A new diagnostic test, dubbed ViroCap, appears to detect virtually any virus that can infect humans and animals, according to the findings of a research group at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
Respiratory viruses send patients of all ages to hospitals. A University of Massachusetts team analyzed exactly which viruses were most common and the degrees to which they made people ill.
Although there was widespread circulation of influenza viruses that were antigenically drifted from the vaccine virus, last year’s flu vaccine appears to have been effective in preventing severe illness requiring hospitalization.

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