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Looking at Alternatives to Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be the way to go for some patients, but for others bioidenticals and other medications may provide better treatment over a shorter period of time.
When is the Best Time to Seek Treatment for Low Testosterone?
Men may not always want to go to the doctor but for an issue like low testosterone seeking treatment can make a considerable difference in their daily quality of life.
Testosterone Replacement Therapy May Not Be Best for Younger Male Patients
For younger male patients with low testosterone traditional treatments may not be the best method for what could be a temporary condition.
Gout Associated with Higher Risk of Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be a more common comorbidity than previously thought among patients with gout. Patients with gout may also be more likely to have severe ED.
Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Combat Renal Failure?
A new review of existing research on hypogonadism suggested that testosterone replacement therapy can ameliorate the morbidity associated with renal failure in many men.

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