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Hepatitis C Drugs: Insurers’ Reasons for Coverage Denials
Hepatitis C Drugs: Insurers’ Reasons for Coverage Denials
Treating hepatitis C with new antivirals saves lives and—in the long run—money spent on patient care. But some patients and their physicians are learning there are barriers to getting prescriptions approved by patients' insurance carriers.
20-Year Ongoing Study Looks at Pain in Methadone Users
Researchers from the University of British Columbia since 1995 have been assessing opioid-dependent patients with pain who are on methadone maintenance treatment.
E-Cigarettes Dampen Cough Reflex
Just one e-cigarette exposure makes people less likely to cough, a dampening of a protective reflex. Researchers are not sure what the implications of the finding might be.
E-Cigarette Chemicals Potentially Hazardous
Study results show that, despite being promoted by manufacturers as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, electronic cigarettes emit hazardous substances.
Hepatitis C and Injection Drug Use Top Targets of CDC Prevention Efforts
In a continuing effort to curb the spread of hepatitis C among the riskiest populations, government health officials recently held a webinar to discuss links between opioid injection drug use and increased cases of the liver disease.
HIV-positive Men More Sensitive to Alcohol
A study published in AIDS and Behavior claimed men with HIV feel the effects of alcohol at smaller amounts.
Opioid Abuse Driving Hep C Spike
Hepatitis C infection has increased more than 3-fold in parts of the US, a CDC research team reports. Their analysis tracks the spike to an increase in drug users injecting opioids.

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