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Do Adolescents Who Stop Abusing Alcohol Pick Up Other Vices?
Researchers report that not only does a reduction in the use of alcohol in adolescence not lead to replacement by tobacco or cannabis use, but that the same clustering effect blamed for high abuse of all three substances may also contribute to decreases across use of all three substances.
New clues on morphine behavior hold promise for withdrawal treatment.
Expensive and worth it. That's the verdict from Medicaid programs across the US when it comes to the new hepatitis C antivirals. State spending figures are available in a study published as a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Varenicline and bupropion may be safer for people who are quitting smoking than nicotine replacement therapy.
Researchers have identified a biomarker that could help clinicians determine whether patients with alcohol use disorders would benefit from treatment with acamprosate.
Bullied adolescents who engage in regular exercise have reduced rates of suicidal ideation and attempt compared to their sedentary peers.
Like every year, PAINWeek, which kicks off this week in Las Vegas, will include dozens of presentations on abuse and diversion. It is a topic that is always front and center for pain management practitioners, and one for which there are no easy answers.

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