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Future treatment options for stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and alcoholic liver disease can come from stem cell transplants, according to a series of new studies.
Scott Sigman, MD, discusses recent study results that show more people become dependent on prescription drugs following surgery than previously thought – which is why his involvement in the Choices Matter program is so important.
Veterans who misuse painkillers often next turn to heroin, according to a study conducted over 10 years that included nearly 3,400 military veterans. Soldiers, due to their unique experiences, are at particular risk for addiction.
“We have shown for the first time that the correlation between ADHD symptoms and binge eating in women depends mainly on a common hereditary susceptibility for the two disorders,” Johansson Capusan explained. “Much of the correlation between alcohol dependence and ADHD can also be explained by genetic factors."
Gambling addiction is another one of those afflictions that people are uncomfortable to acknowledge and talk about – but it is much more widespread than most of us are aware.

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