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Q&A With Chris Cannon From Brigham & Women's Hospital: Looking At PCSK9 Medications For Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease And Beyond
As more is learned about the affect of newly developed PCSK9 medications cardiologists are looking at new patient populations and how to provide them the highest quality care.
The long-awaited SPRINT trial not only included patients that are often left out of clinical studies, it also provided physicians with much-needed guidance on more effective blood pressure management strategies.
Study results show PCSK9 inhibitor alirocumab reduces cholesterol by increasing the fractional clearance rate of IDL and LDL.
Gilead Sciences recently filed a New Drug Application with the US Food and Drug Administration for a single-tablet regimen to treat chronic infection of all forms of the hepatitis C virus.
At the 2015 Cardiometabolic Health Congress, Christie M. Ballantyne, MD, moderated a panel discussion focusing on current cholesterol guidelines and several changes that may be coming soon.
Elevated levels of triglycerides have been proven time and time again to be linked to cardiovascular disease. While it can be a challenging condition to control, it opens the door for treatments.
It wasn’t long ago that researchers first identified a piece of DNA that regulates cholesterol. This gene has been recently developed into a cholesterol-lowering agent and it’s time to address where we go from here.

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