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More Pain Equals Higher Risk of Prescription Opioid Addiction
A new study out of Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) is the first to show a direct link between pain level and risk of opioid addiction – and the increased risk is substantial.
The traditional sublingual delivery method of buprenorphine has revealed adherence issues in patients, but the implant version appears to have fixed that problem.
Significant racial/ethnic differences appear to exist in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions across 11 private, not-for-profit United States healthcare systems.
Award-winning chef Elizabeth Falkner and board-certified dermatologist Doris Day spoke with MD Magazine about their collaborative efforts on a new atopic dermatitis campaign, ‘Understand AD.’
Even financial incentives over $1,000 haven't helped substance users to take better care of their HIV.
The education of primary care providers and patients at the starting point of opioid therapy, as well as of surgeons and other prescribers, is crucial to curbing the current global opioid abuse epidemic.
While lifestyle medicine may not be at the forefront of the field today those who practice it believe it can be an invaluable tool in the future.

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