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How HIPAA Is Harming Patient Care
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) started out as a good idea. But, many medical professionals have started to read too far into HIPAA, making doctors’ jobs more difficult and, in some cases, affecting current and future patient care.
This article discusses 4 components of behavioral economics and how that is affecting physician personal finance as well as compensation.
White matter differences, picked up with diffusion tensor imaging, correlate with autism symptoms and severity, a UK team found in a study of men on the autism spectrum. The finding could lead to a novel treatment avenue.
Study shows depression is more than a checklist of symptoms, and should be reconsidered as a complex web of interlocking symptoms.
Research suggests there is a significantly better treatment effect in schizophrenic patients who received music therapy than in those who did not, especially in those with a chronic course of the disease.
Study findings indicate that a family-level preventive intervention appears to help improve behavioral health outcomes in military families who are affected by the wartime deployment of a family member.
Onset of schizophrenia may not be predicted by hallucinations alone.
In part 2 of the interview, Dr. Waekcerle discussed some of the misconceptions surrounding the National Football League's handling of player safety relating to concussions, and plans for the future of treatment and diagnosis.
MD Magazine recently spoke with Joseph F. Waeckerle, MD, FACEP, Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Editor Emeritus, Annals of Emergency Medicine, who has served for more than two decades on the NFL committees on brain injury.

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