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Chronic Pain: Lidocaine Metabolite May Help and Open New Avenues of Treatment
Lidocaine metabolite N-ethylglycine (EG) relieves hyperalgesia and allodynia in animal models for chronic pain, suggests a study in Pain. The finding is an indicator that use of Glycine transporter 1 substrates might constitute a new drug target for the modulation of glycinergic inhibition in pain signaling.
Canada-based researchers examined the effectiveness of opioids for the long-term management of chronic neuropathic pain and found less than encouraging results, according to a study in The Journal of Pain.
A recent study in the Journal of Pain Research found that placing an electrical stimulation device properly doesn’t necessarily increase the pain threshold for health patients subjected to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). The finding is important because TENS is among many nonpharmacological interventions for pain around which clinical opinion on effectiveness is split.
Stress resulting from frequent migraine headaches may contribute to the development of medical and psychological comorbidities that can result in an ugly cycle of more migraines, according to a study in the Journal of Pain Research.
A Japanese study suggests that parental bonding style during childhood is associated with the prevalence of chronic pain in adults in the general population and that the association is more robust for paternal bonding than for maternal bonding.
Three recent studies – in three very different publications – add to a growing cache of evidence showing that music can have significant benefits for patients with pain.
While a common method used to treat low back pain may provide immediate relief, its effects do not extend for a substantial period of time, a new analysis has found.

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