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New Painkiller Is as Strong as Morphine, But Not as Addictive
One of the main concerns tied to prescription painkillers is their addictive properties. But those worries may be put to rest with the development of a new drug that provides the same relief without the side effects.
Temple University Researchers suggest that a guideline created by Temple University Hospital and Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus for prescribing opioids in order to maximize safety and avoid misuse appears to significantly decrease the rate of opioid prescribing for minor and chronic non-cancer pain complaints in an acute care setting.
Chronic pain is more than just persistent pain and discomfort; new evidence indicates that the condition changes the patient’s DNA and immunity.
Study raises safety concerns about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients’ use of opioids at high rates.
Recently published reports show the immune system of spinal cord patients can be controlled using a family of therapeutic stem cells.
Patients suffering from chronic pain often ignore labels on over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, increasing their risk for gastrointestinal side effects and overdose.
Fibromyalgia and migraine headaches are just two pain conditions that debilitate millions of people. A new pain-relieving device has just been approved for both of the conditions, but there’s a catch.
Although children are also sufferers of chronic pain, the vast majority of research on treatment and just the condition in general is focused on adults. But a pain-relieving technique that has already proven its efficacy in the older population appears to be beneficial in the younger as well.
British research indicates that previous fracture appears to be associated with an increased likelihood of chronic widespread bodily pain, particularly with hip fractures in women, and spine fractures in both sexes.

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