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Treating Pain Alone Isn't Enough for Someone with Psychological Symptoms
Whether it’s drugs or procedures, there are different strategies for managing chronic pain. However, when psychological symptoms come into play, treatment may need to take an alternative course.
In a perfect world, the pain data provided by diagnostic tests would match up with how a patient is actually feeling. However, the association is probably not as strong as doctors would like.
Researchers behind the potential new opioid, cebranopadol, presented efficacy and safety results at PAINWeek 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Oxycodone is one opioid option for patients with chronic pain and other conditions. The drug, however, has not been extensively studied in older patients.
Different types of pain respond to different medications; so a collaborative team across the United States and United Kingdom looked at how the Chronic Pain Questionnaire (CPQ) can assist in making those important treatment decisions.
There have been big steps taken to help combat the opioid abuse epidemic but there is still much more work to be done. Several leading organizations and pharmaceutical companies to help patients with overdose and prevent abuse in the first place.
For patients who do not need opioids or other strong medications for pain management there are other steps that can be taken to help them better manage their symptoms and issues.
One of the biggest concerns in the opioid epidemic is the medications being abused by patients and those who get the drugs through other methods. While technology is being developed to help in this issue getting these changes into the market has been more difficult so far.
The opioid epidemic is clearly a growing problem in the medical community. However, there are concerns that there is so much concern about prescribing opioids that they are not being given who can benefit most from them.

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