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Neuropsychiatric Complications Associated with Lyme Disease
Although Lyme disease typically impacts the skin, joints, and heart, it can also cause a variety of neurologic and psychiatric complications for which there are no current treatment guidelines.
Researchers reported that reawakened astrocytes appear to be a key trigger for S1 cortex (the remote region of the brain that is not directly affected by spinal cord injury) circuit rewiring and may contribute to sustained neuropathic mechanical allodynia.
Research indicates that spinal cord stimulation appears to reduce the affective component of pain, resulting in optimal pain relief.
It turns out that your social network has more to do with just the likelihood of having plans on a Friday night. People with fewer friends have a lower pain tolerance, according to new research from Oxford University in England.
An oxycodone (Xtampza) extended-release (ER) product is the newest opioid soon to be on the market for chronic pain.
As more states across the country legalize marijuana in a variety of forms the usefulness of cannabinoids as a treatment method for people with neuropathic pain remains a question that many studies have explored.
Researchers report that mindfulness meditation—unlike other cognitive-based approaches to reduce pain, such as hypnosis, acupuncture, distraction, and even the placebo effect—does not appear to utilize the endogenous opioid system to reduce pain.
New research suggests that sleep problems may be a target for treatment of "emerging adults" with musculoskeletal pain complaints. Sleep issues in this patient group predicted chronic pain and worsening pain severity over time.
Study results confirm that anxiety and depression before surgery can significantly influence the amount of pain a patient feels after surgery, adding to the evidence that the subjective experience of pain is worth considering, both before and after a pain intervention.

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