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How BMI Gets it Wrong in Heart Health
When it comes to heart health, millions of Americans who have been labeled obese or overweight aren’t in such bad shape after all, according California researchers.
The Endocrine Society released a new clinical practice guideline covering diagnosis and treatment of primary adrenal insufficiency in January 2016. The European Society of Endocrinology and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry co-sponsored this document.
Teenagers can be tricky patients to treat. Parents know that, patients who progress through the adolescent years and reflect on their teen years know that, and increasingly, organized medicine is acknowledging it with structured specialties in adolescent medicine. Endocrinologists who treat adolescents need unique communication skills and plenty of patience.
Women who have trouble sleeping have a much greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new study found.
A whopping 22 million people worldwide have Type 1 diabetes. Insulin therapy, while necessary, is associated with more than 40 hypoglycemic episodes annually for the average T1DM patient, and can lead to weight gain, which increases cardiovascular risks. A recent study looked at whether non-insulin therapy could also help treat this patient population
Patients with elevated blood sugar after heart surgery may need treatment tailored to their initial diabetes status.
Cushing’s disease, caused by excessive adrenocorticotropic hormone production from a pituitary adenoma, is rare and can be difficult for non-endocrinologists to diagnose. As it can cause other serious conditions getting a diagnosis as quickly as possible can be critical for the overall health of patients.
With doctors treating patients from across the spectrum, they are being asked to provide individualized treatment for a variety of conditions. Providing the care they need in the confines of their practice can be a challenge no matter where doctors work.
For some doctors, treating patients who are obese or overweight can take a certain soft touch that they may not be used to using in their practice

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