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Epilepsy: Surveying Drug Combinations
UK researchers who surveyed the literature on treating epilepsy with multiple drugs found the combination of valproate and lamotrigine appears most promising, but note that much research needs to be done to find the right therapies for individual patients,
No matter what age a patient with epilepsy is treating them can be a delicate process. That is perhaps never more true than when the patient is a child dealing with seizures and looking for answers from doctors.
Super refractory status epilepticus is a condition where patients can have seizures lasting anywhere from hours to months. While a developing treatment would only be used in the intensive care unit it could help patients in a very vulnerable health condition.
Epilepsy is a problem for patients around the world and how they are treated for the condition can vary as widely as where they are seeking that treatment.
Patients living with seizure clusters have very limited treatment options for their condition. Researchers are working on developing a nasal spray which could provide acute relief for these patients.
A condition like epilepsy requires a successful working relationship between the patients and their health care professionals, including the ability to communicate effectively a recent study showed that that is an area of concern in the field.
The longer a patient lives with epilepsy the more damage their brain can take from the countless seizures they endure. Recent research has shown that the condition can also cause a patient's brain to age beyond their years as a result of these seizures.
Treating epilepsy can be an effort in individualized medicine with different patients reacting differently to the various seizure medications available. Finding the right one can often determine a patient's quality of life moving forward after diagnosis.
Sometimes when a patient with epilepsy has a seizure they may not even recognize it for any number of reasons. A device no bigger than a piece of gum which is being developed could help in that effort going forward.

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