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Pertussis Carries Epilepsy Risk
Childhood pertussis carries an increased risk of developing epilepsy, Danish researchers report.
Surgeons are more likely than ever to consider resective procedures in infants and young children who have refractory seizure disorders. Many reports describe good outcomes in infants and young children undergoing resective surgery, but longitudinal data have been published only rarely.
Sudoku puzzles may serve as a "brain workout" but in a case reported in Germany, the exercise proved too strenuous. Solving the puzzles gave a 25-year-old man seizures.
Neurologists seeing patients with seizures who are from developing countries in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and other countries with much poverty and poor sanitation should be on the lookout for neurocysticercosis, a condition related to exposure to tapeworms.
The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Commission on Classification and Terminology and the Commission on Epidemiology have developed a new definition and classification of the seizure disorder status epilepticus.
A Canadian company announced it would invest $100 million (US dollars) in Jamaican marijuana research and development. A Colorado company also plans to invest there. Though marijuana has long been grown in Jamaica and exported illegally, the island's government decriminalized medical use in February.
Study results show patients who took statins following ischemic stroke were significantly less likely to have post-stroke early-onset seizures.

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