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Cynthia Harden from Mount Sinai Health System: Looking at Inheritance Risk of Epilepsy and Moving the Field Forward
As more is learned about epilepsy and new treatment methods are introduced to the market there is reason to be optimistic for patients while doctors work to provide the best care possible on an individual basis.
Previous literature has shown a potential challenge for women with epilepsy becoming pregnant a recent study showed that may not be the case after all.
Even if patients could benefit from treatment specialized epilepsy centers they may not know about the care they could receive for a variety of reasons.
Many patients diagnosed with epilepsy need specialized treatments to help manage their symptoms. While people may associate epilepsy centers with surgical procedures they can also provide other benefits as well.
Status epilepticus can be one of the most debilitating and hardest to treat neurological conditions. A potential new medication aims to help this patient population through a variety of delivery methods under development.
A long held myth that epilepsy interferes with conception has been busted.
Treating patients suffering from primary generalized tonic-clonic (PGTC) seizures with once-daily 8mg doses of adjunctive perampanel (Fycompa/Eisai) can effectively control the seizures, recent study finds.
Eslicarbazepine acetate, a once-a-day epilepsy drug, can prevent onset of seizures as well as the twice-daily drug carbamazepine, new research reports.
The manufacturer of an experimental cannabis-based drug Epidiolex (GW Pharmaceuticals) announced Monday that the product successfully treated children with Dravet syndrome, the rare form of severe epilepsy.

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