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Brain Processing Differs in Fibromyalgia and Challenges Emotional State
Patients with fibromyalgia typically experience widespread chronic pain and a new study adds to the evidence that emotional impact is prominent as well.
Researchers from Kyoto University’s Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) may have found a way to control cell functions in order to alleviate intractable pain.
The number of opioid-related deaths nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2011 in the US; and while that number continues to increase, one state has made positive strides with the implementation of two initiatives.
As the population ages and medicine continues to advance, people are living longer and healthier; but they are also taking more medications for more medical conditions. Those medications can cause drug-drug interactions that lead to adverse drug reactions (ADR). Studies have shown that the majority of medication errors happen at the stage of prescription.
Although a seemingly invisible condition, fibromyalgia (FM) may have an important connection with mental health symptoms.
A cocktail a day may keep the doctor away when it comes to patients with chronic widespread pain (CWP).
Patients with chronic back and leg pain may be able to forgo the use of prescription painkillers thanks to a new treatment that has been shown to provide long-lasting analgesia.

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