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Gout Medications Protect Against Alcoholic Liver Inflammation
Two commonly prescribed gout therapies have also been shown to successfully treat another life-altering condition, researchers reported.
Dr. Fields talks about the myriad reasons patients have for not adhering to their gout medication regimen, including a basic lack of education on the nature of their condition.
Dr. Fields talks about some of the misconceptions about treating gout common among primary care physicians, including allopurinol dosing and titration.
For gout patients, quality of life and satisfaction are closely tied to treatment efficacy and whether they are currently experiencing a gout attack.
It may not be a surprise that having more gout flares in a year is more costly, but a recent study has quantified just how much more expensive they are.
Allopurinol's overall impact on the risk of mortality has been studied but is not yet well-understood. Now, a study has shown that the benefits from this treatment likely outweigh the risk of serious side effects.
Horrifying laceration? Unbelievably large tumor? It's all there for viewing on a free medical app called Figure 1. Its software lets hundreds of thousands of medical professionals post clinical photos, confer on diagnoses, and show their own innovative work. The site has more than 100 million archived photos, all sent in by users, most of them physicians.

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