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 Disease Detectives Diagnosis Michelangelo's Ailment
The great Italian sculptor and painter Michelangelo wrote relatives he was having trouble with his hands. Was it gout? Not so, a team of disease detectives write.
Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if coffee consumption possibly helped reduce the risk of gout?
High serum urate levels may indicate gout, yet most patients with this form of arthritis don’t know about a key component of their condition.
Researchers find non-invasive way to measure uric acid in blood.
Analysis of records from nearly 100,000 British patients indicates that gout is significantly associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation, both at the time of initial diagnosis and also going forward.
You’ve heard it thousands of times over the years: smoking is bad for your health. But a recent study found that cigarettes have an interesting impact when it comes to the risk of gout.
The latest US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval goes to a Zurampic (lesinurad), a drug to help treat gout, a type of arthritis classified by severely painful joints.
Gout has long been associated with cardiovascular conditions such as heart dysfunction, however, the pathology between the two have remained unclear. A large study analyzed this type of arthritis in connection with atrial fibrillation.
Physicians don't have enough time to properly research each medication on their own. The pharmaceutical industry needs to better teach physicians about their medications instead of driving patients to demand them.

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