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Ultrasound Images of Gout Defined
Ultrasound may be an excellent diagnosis tool for gout, if doctors can agree on what they are looking at.
Gout is on the rise globally. A Brazilian researcher who surveyed that nation's rheumatologists found some are ignoring--or unaware of--guidelines on how to treat the ailment.
Sugar-sweetened beverages (SBB) can do more than increase belly fat and send your body on a rollercoaster, it can elevate serum urate levels which increases the risk of gout. Researchers from New Zealand recently looked at how body mass index (BMI) plays a role in the SBB and gout relationship.
Gout has been making quite a stir in news recently. Between a new classification system and a study showing that a common food can cause painful flares, this form of arthritis is getting quite a bit of attention. Now comes word that a drug used to treat gout could also be effective for another damaging condition.
A new evidence-based classification system for gout has been shown to outperform the current gold standard, which could lead to an updated protocol.
November may be peak season for gout flares, researchers at the Reading Health System in Reading, Penn., and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis reported in the August issue of Clinical Rheumatology.
The connection between diabetes and gout is more complicated than thought. Individuals with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of developing gout, but not because they have diabetes.

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