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Antipsychotics Safe for Pregnant Women
Antipsychotics Safe for Pregnant Women
The results of the largest study of its kind to date indicate that new antipsychotic medications—including quetiapine, olanzapine, and risperidone—do not appear to put women at additional risk of developing gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders, or major blood clots that obstruct circulation, all conditions that often develop during pregnancy or with the use of older antipsychotic medications.
New Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment on the Way?
Stiff and swollen joints may land some relief due to a newly discovered anti-inflammatory chemical compound.
CDC: Why Strong Swimmers Drowned
Fatal drownings happen even in strong, healthy swimmers in lifeguarded pools. A New York City health department investigation points to an under-reported cause: deliberate breath-holding as part of informal contests or self-imposed training regimens.
New Testing to Find Esophageal Cancer Before it Starts
In most cases when a patient undergoes a biopsy on their esophagus any cancer found is located too late to be treated. A recent development could help doctors find the disease before it is too late.
A Different Look at Vaccinations
The author reviews several important changes to this year’s vaccine recommendations for adults and children from the CDC.
The Parable of the Salt and the Evolving Medical Consensus
Changes in the way we think about sodium intake and cardiovascular risk, calcium supplementation, and other topics should remind us all of the advice we heard on the first day of medical school: 50% of what you learn here is wrong or going to disappear over your career; we just don’t know which 50%.
3 Consumer Sector Bargains with Great Growth Potential
The first quarter earnings season is about to end, and the majority of consumer staples stocks have already announced their financial results. While the category as a whole has seen mixed results, these 3 stocks have strong potential.

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