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Even Light Drinking Spikes Cancer Risk in Hepatitis C-Related Cirrhosis
It’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to the liver; that’s exactly why patients with hepatitis C are advised to steer clear of it.
Despite the arrival of direct acting antivirals, there are limit options for patients with genotypes 2 and 3 of HCV infection. A drug combo using interferon appears to work, a study finds.
Beyond high cost, people with hepatitis C face several barriers to treatment, and those arise from various sources. Doctors, Medicaid, private health insurance companies, and intravenous drug use can all be obstacles, according to a university study out of Massachusetts that examined treatment approvals for two new drugs.
The list of effective drugs for the once incurable illness of hepatitis C infection keeps growing. But some physicians are frustrated. Here's why.
“Each entry contains contextual information pertaining to the entry such as the HCV genotypic background and links to the original publication,” say the authors.
The news that physicians in Princeton, NJ were confronting an outbreak of hepatitis C in young people who were also using heroin shocked this affluent, mostly white community. Ronald Nahass, MD, talks about how it occurred and what needs to happen next.
A study in women coinfected with hepatitis C and HIV found that use of marijuana was not associated with progression to advanced liver fibrosis.
In study, GPT and GOT levels significantly decreased in the Kuan Sin Yin group as compared to the placebo group, by 29.7% and 24.4% respectively.
Overall sustained virologic response, a marker for a cure, was achieved in 96% of patients with genotype 1b strain of the virus after 12 weeks of Zepatier. In patients infected with genotype 4 of the virus, 94% were cured after 12 weeks of Zepatier treatment.

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