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HCV Patients May Have Better Options than Telaprevir, But Availability an Issue
A recent analysis from Germany concludes that patients with hepatitis C graft may have better options for standard therapy than telaprevir, but access to new treatments remains limited.
As Northwell Health continues to grow its treatment of liver disease one of the biggest steps it is taking is developing a liver transplant program for patients in the Long Island area and beyond.
Now that most forms of hepatitis C are treatable if not curable other conditions like fatty liver disease are drawing a lot of attention in the field of hepatology. While doctors make this change in direction there is still work being done to manage risk factors in patients at risk of contracting the disease.
It was not long ago that hepatitis C was difficult if not impossible to treat for many patients. Today very much the opposite is true for this patient population.
People with genotype 1 hepatitis C, who make up about 74% of the hepatitis C population in the United States, will soon have a new treatment option available to them.
Studies have shown that adults born between 1945 and 1965 (aka “baby boomers”) are more likely to have come into contact with hepatitis C.
Recent advances in the field of hepatitis C therapy has prompted the European Medicines Agency to update its guideline for designing clinical trials on investigational direct-acting antiviral drugs that target chronic infection of the virus.
Once hepatitis C is cured, patients' risk for portal vein hypertension drops – along with the accompanying complications.
Although direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) cure hepatitis C in over 90% of patients, the drugs don’t eliminate advanced complications.

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