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WHO Prequalifies Its First Hepatitis C Rapid Diagnostic Test
The few hepatitis C rapid tests available now are either too expensive or lack quality – posing problems for extensive distribution.
Prisoners who are able to get hepatitis C antivirals while they are still incarcerated can be lost to treatment when they are freed. A community linkage program in the Bronx, NY is having success keeping the patients on their drug regimens.
When patients with chronic kidney disease also have untreated hepatitis C, the prognosis is grim. The combination can lead to end-stage renal disease, a study found.
Some of the different hepatitis C genotypes are more prominent in certain areas than others, and researchers specified where they're found around the world in people who inject drugs.
After a newspaper report found that less than 10 of Tennessee's thousands of HCV-positive prisoners were receiving treatment, two inmates sued the state. Now, prison officials are seeking a bit more help in battling the disease.
An investigational combination drug that targets all major genotypes of hepatitis C had a high success rate in a clinical trial of patients with severe chronic kidney disease, curing 98% of those who received 12 weeks of treatment.
Results from three clinical trials of an investigational drug being developed by AbbVie to treat all major genotypes of the hepatitis C virus show high cure rates at or above 95% among patients tested.
Sofosbuvir-based therapy is safe to treat patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) who also have mental health disease.
A combination of tenofovir and alafenamide got FDA approval for treatment of hepatitis B viral infection with compensated liver disease.

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