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Restricted Reimbursement for DAAs Hinders Progress Towards Global Hepatitis C Eradication Goal
Although DAAs achieve sustained virologic response rates above 90%, they are expensive in both Canada and the US. A recent Canadian study examined the limitations hepatitis C patients there face in receiving reimbursement for their treatment.
An interesting discovery about some Irish women exposed to the hepatitis C virus in the late 1970s has led scientists to study the possible existence of a super immune gene.
Measuring the hepatitis C virus (HCV) antigen in patients who are receiving protease inhibitors (PI) could provide an alternative to monitoring treatment response, according to a recent study.
Though testing patients in the emergency department for hepatitis C adds time to their length of stay, the benefits of detection are self-evident.
Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute mapped a key protein in Hepatitis C to determine why so many previous attempts at a vaccine had fallen short.
Keeping patients coming back after they start hepatitis treatment requires interventions sometimes--but there are many low-tech tactics that work.
Though under lock and key, state prisoners are considered "hard to reach" when it comes to getting them into treatment for hepatitis C. A health Affairs study looked at how states vary in attitudes, practices, and spending.
German researchers need more data before they can decide whether the hepatitis drug combo sofosbuvir/velpatasvir (Epclusa/Gilead Sciences) is better than earlier antivirals for all genotypes of hepatitis C virus.
The risk of getting Non-Hodkins Lymphoma is greater in patients co-infected with hepatitis B and hepatitis C if those patients are also receiving anti-retroviral therapy for HIV infection.

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