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Two Companies Enter into Hepatitis C Drug Development Deal
Two Companies Enter into Hepatitis C Drug Development Deal
Achillion Pharmaceuticals has joined forces with Janssen Pharmaceuticals to develop a short-duration oral regimen to treat chronic hepatitis C, the companies announced.
Comparing Cancer Rates for Hepatitis C Patients to Those with No Cancer
There are medications which can all but cure hepatitis C but for those patients who have not yet beaten the condition there is research that shows a link to developing cancer.
FDA Okays Hep-C Investigational Combo for Post-Transplant Patients
The FDA says the investigational drug combination of daclatasvir (Daklinza/ Bristol-Myers Squibb) and sofosbuvir (Sovaldi/Gilead ) may now be given to patients who have hepatitis C infections with either advanced cirrhosis or infections that have come back after patients received a liver transplant.
Hepatitis C Drugs: Insurers’ Reasons for Coverage Denials
Treating hepatitis C with new antivirals saves lives and—in the long run—money spent on patient care. But some patients and their physicians are learning there are barriers to getting prescriptions approved by patients' insurance carriers.
Race Not a Factor in Hepatitis C Survival
African Americans are more likely to be infected with the hepatitis C virus than Caucasians. But that does not mean they are more likely to die from the disease, researchers reported at the 2015 Digestive Disease Week conference in Washington, DC.
Hep C: Baby Boomer Test Results
A relatively higher rate of hepatitis C infection in US adults considered to be part of the baby boom generation is starting to decline, researchers report. The statistical drop started the year after a CDC push for all US adults to get tested.
Hep C Drugs: Not Always Covered
A recent study found that while most insurers are paying for the new hepatitis C antivirals, disparities exist. More than 20% of patients at the hospital studied who had private insurance were refused their prescriptions for sofosbuvir with simeprevir, the researchers found.

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