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Q&A With Joao Lima From Johns Hopkins Hospital: Managing Hypertension Through Medication and Lifestyle Changes Help Patients Move Forward
Heart disease is a growing problem in the country and work has been done to improve the overall public health through a number of steps including cardiac imaging. That work is also focused on the proper blood pressure for patients of all ages.
Devoted soda drinkers began to lose their minds when an infographic outlining the harmful effects a single can of Coca-Cola has on the body in one hour began circulating the Internet. Now a new infographic has revealed what a Big Mac from McDonald’s can do to the body in the same amount of time.
Physicians often fail to counsel recovering heart attack patients on whether they are at risk of having another myocardial infarction triggered by sexual activity. In a letter to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Dietrich Rothenbacher, MD, MPH and colleagues have reassuring data.

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