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Could New Treatment Be a Cure for Ventricular Assist Device Patients?
By the time patients need a left ventricular assist device their condition has already worsened considerably. With the help of a combination of technology and medication there is some research to show that improvement is possible in many patients.
Pending further research a new powerful pharmaceutical combination could make a significant difference in the treatment of patients with a left ventricular assist device.
For patients who receive left ventricular assist device implants there is no assurance that the device will work enough for them to have a high quality of life. New research has shown a potential treatment which could make a significant improvement in this area.
The annual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions were filled with a wide range of presentations made in New Orleans. It was the late breaking news that made the most impact for those in attendance as they look to the future of cardiac care.
As the American Heart Association wrapped up another successful conference in New Orleans, each of the approximately 18,000 providers in attendance was bringing home something new to their practices or optimism for new treatments to come in the future.
Novel oral anticoagulants have made treatment of many patients considerably easier over the past few years. Finding ways to apply that to veterans can help a patient population deserving of high quality health care.
Much like civilians, military veterans have trouble maintaining safe levels with warfarin treatment.
With more than 10,000 providers from around the world converging on the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions, lessons from the event can be implemented as soon as the next day or show promise of work to come in the future.
The treatment of cardiovascular disease for men may be ahead of where it is for women, but there is a concerted effort to bring the two into a more balanced measure.

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