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Dave Dixon from Virginia Commonwealth University: No Magic Pill in Treatment of Obesity
Despite recently approved medications showing improvement over previously used diet pills and other treatments there is still no medicinal cure for obesity and the best hope for patients in many cases is lifestyle changes.
The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved some new tools in the fight against obesity. While they provide some help for patients looking to lose weight there are also side effects which doctors and patients patients to consider.
Medical science and research has helped move many parts of cardiology from potentially fatal conditions to more chronic issues for patients and doctors to address. Cholesterol control is moving in that direction thanks to new advancements in medication and surgical options.
Patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are at risk of developing high blood pressure, which can cause renal and cardiovascular complications. Thus, a T2DM treatment plan must include blood pressure treatment.
HDL and LDL may be the more well known components of a patient's cholesterol level but as researchers dig deeper new information is coming to light about very low-density lipoprotein or VLDL.
There are many ways patients can better manage their cholesterol than they could just a few years ago. Whether they are successful in those efforts and the role of doctors and medications in that process remains to be seen.
As the debate continues between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol researchers are looking for answers on how to help patients manage their cholesterol levels.
Even as technology improves to help patients dealing with cardiovascular disease, those responsible for the procedures also must consider providing treatment while weighing the costs of that work.
Since its inception nearly a decade ago the PARTNER trials have shown new opportunities for cardiovascular disease patients to receive treatment they may not have been candidates for before.

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