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Blood Pressure Control Outweighs Hypertension History in Stroke Prevention
Controlling blood pressure may be more important in stroke prevention in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation than thought.
Previous research has found that hypertension and cardiovascular health is linked to the age that a woman goes through natural menopause. A study led by researchers from the Netherlands aimed to find if blood pressure has an impact.
There have been great strides made in recent years to help treat patients diagnosed with heart disease. As technology improves and new medications are developed it will be important to ensure they can get to the patients who need them most.
While lifestyle modifications and changes in diet can help prevent heart disease in men and women alike there are some distinct differences when it comes to treating these patients once a diagnosis is made.
As more has been learned over the years about heart disease there is also a greater awareness of the impact it can have on women. Because of this increased awareness a greater effort is underway to help catch these conditions before they become fatal.
For many, cardiovascular disease can be seen as mostly an issue facing men. However, work has been done to raise the education of women to help ensure their health as well.

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