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Cushing's Disease: Data Hints at the Diagnosis
Cushing’s disease, caused by excessive adrenocorticotropic hormone production from a pituitary adenoma, is rare and can be difficult for non-endocrinologists to diagnose. As it can cause other serious conditions getting a diagnosis as quickly as possible can be critical for the overall health of patients.
Findings show heart disease patients may benefit from maintaining positive emotions.
Studying new approaches to address organ donor shortage shows some positive results for uncontrolled donation after circulatory determination of death.
Patients with arterial hypertension are less likely to experience death or complications when taking selexipag, according to a recent study.
The TIMI study group has been around for more than 30 years but even after all that time they continue to work to find new ways to help patients with cardiovascular disease and the health care professionals who treat them.
In the medical community there are many questions about the benefits of patients on a daily aspirin regimen and who should be considered for this treatment option. While these questions apply mainly to standard aspirin treatments currently available there is work being done to move the field in a new direction.
While there has been a considerable amount of research about lowering "bad cholesterol," but questions have raised about whether "good cholesterol," really is a good thing and if it should be monitored and treated by doctors.
Patients diagnosed with cardiac conditions or having suffered cardiac events do so for a variety of reasons. A recent study looked at the impact of family history of heart attacks and what can be done to help prevent their patients from suffering similar events.
As technology improves and more is learned about treatment for various conditions new guidelines are constantly being developed in the medical field. Once the guidelines are updated it becomes even more important to get that information into the field to help the patients who can benefit from them.

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