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How Does Alirocumab Treatment Affect Lipoprotein Metabolism?
Study results show PCSK9 inhibitor alirocumab reduces cholesterol by increasing the fractional clearance rate of IDL and LDL.
Gilead Sciences recently filed a New Drug Application with the US Food and Drug Administration for a single-tablet regimen to treat chronic infection of all forms of the hepatitis C virus.
Study results suggest that screening for metabolic syndrome among patients taking antipsychotic medications occurs far less frequently than recommended by the guidelines.
The evidence indicates resistant starches improve glucose metabolism beyond what would be expected from its reduced glycemic index.
As part of a multi-institutional effort, researchers in the fields of proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics will collaborate to discover more effective ways of predicting which patients with type 1 diabetes are at greater risk for developing kidney disease.
Researchers in Australia recently reported that the immune signaling protein NLRP1 plays a key role in metabolism by activating fat-burning processes when the body’s energy intake is too high.
At the 2015 Cardiometabolic Health Congress, Christie M. Ballantyne, MD, moderated a panel discussion focusing on current cholesterol guidelines and several changes that may be coming soon.

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