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Valeria Guimaraes from the Hormone Health Network: New Hormone Guide Educates in Fun and Interesting Way
A subject like hormones can often be difficult to understand and tedious to work through. The Essential Guide to Your Hormones is a new way to approach the subject while making it easier to understand and presented in a way that is better for patients and doctors to work with.
Several ultraviolet (UV)-filtering chemicals typically used in sunscreens can impair the function of human sperm cells, according to new research.
Men afflicted with psoriasis are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
A combination therapy of testosterone and megestrol acetate may be a feasible treatment for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cachexia, California researchers found.
Patients taking testosterone-lowering therapy for prostate cancer are at increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers.
Teenagers can be tricky patients to treat. Parents know that, patients who progress through the adolescent years and reflect on their teen years know that, and increasingly, organized medicine is acknowledging it with structured specialties in adolescent medicine. Endocrinologists who treat adolescents need unique communication skills and plenty of patience.
Testosterone has long been known to influence levels of aggression in many species, but new research may finally explain how it works, at least in human males.
Since the discovery that the relative length of the index and ring fingers may reflect fetal testosterone exposure, researchers have spent a lot of time trying to find correlations between digit ratios and medical outcomes, questionnaire answers, and a host of other things.
A pair of studies provides further information about the positive association between testosterone levels and sexual desire and activity in older men.

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