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Only a Small Percentage of Hypogonadal Men Are Receiving Needed Treatment
A number of widely reported studies have concluded that the rapid growth in testosterone therapy prescriptions has led to overuse, but an analysis published in Urology indicates that underuse may also be a problem.
Data from two observational registries indicated that long-term testosterone replacement therapy in diabetic men was associated not only with better sexual function and weight loss, but also significant reductions in blood sugar.
Guidelines for the use of testosterone replacement therapy call for initial and ongoing tests of patient testosterone levels, but new research found a significant problem with such recommendations.
Use of penile prosthesis (PP) insertion has decreased for erectile dysfunction (ED), according to a study published online June 22 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

New research finds that low testosterone levels are strongly associated with low bone density (BMD) — even in relatively young men.
A new analysis has found that low levels of vitamin D are independently associated with low levels of testosterone in healthy middle-aged men.
Results from a Japanese study show that testosterone replacement therapy may improve nocturia, sleep conditions, and quality of life among men with hypogonadism and nocturia.

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