Major Depressive Disorder 
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Depression Symptoms More than a Checklist for Diagnosis
Study shows depression is more than a checklist of symptoms, and should be reconsidered as a complex web of interlocking symptoms.
Study findings indicate that a family-level preventive intervention appears to help improve behavioral health outcomes in military families who are affected by the wartime deployment of a family member.
Depression and emotional symptoms can accompany multiple sclerosis. Researchers offer guidelines on optimum treatment.
Findings show heart disease patients may benefit from maintaining positive emotions.
Being depressed or tired makes people less alert, but not sleepy, a Canadian study found. That means that sleepiness and poor alertness are not the same, and that doctors should not use the terms interchangeably.
Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital who analyzed medical records from three healthcare systems in their state have found no evidence to indicate that prenatal exposure to antidepressants increases the risk for autism and related disorders or for ADHD.
Although opioids can improve mood for a short time, their long-term effects can trigger the onset of depression.
A new study suggests that caregivers who want to increase the use of pancreatic enzymes by young patients with cystic fibrosis should consider whether their parents need treatment for depression.
Study shows patients who respond well to placebo alone could see even better results with regular medication while also raising more questions.

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