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Study Shows Significant Genetic Overlap Between Type 2 Diabetes and Depression
A study of Swedish and Danish twins concluded that the long-observed association between type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression has a significant genetic component.
Susan Schneider Williams, spouse of the late Robin Williams spoke with MD Magazine about the several symptoms the actor presented up to a year before his death that made it difficult to diagnose what he was suffering from: Lewy Body Disease (LBD).
Study results confirm that anxiety and depression before surgery can significantly influence the amount of pain a patient feels after surgery, adding to the evidence that the subjective experience of pain is worth considering, both before and after a pain intervention.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients at diagnosis have a higher rate of comorbid conditions -- including depression and diabetes Canadian researchers found.The intriguing question is whether such conditions put people at higher risk of MS.
Researchers report that St. John’s Wort produces persistent glucose intolerance via decreased beta-cell function. St. John’s Wort may increase risk of type 2 diabetes in the already at-risk depressed population.
Men afflicted with psoriasis are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
A novel clinical intervention that combines mental training through meditation and physical training through aerobic exercise effectively reduces the symptoms of depression.
Insomnia and nightmares appear to influence depression symptoms specifically through the pathway of explicit emotion regulation difficulties.
Nearly one-quarter of resident physicians are depressed or experience depressive symtoms.

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