Multiple Sclerosis 
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Researchers assessed the added benefit of fingolimod in comparison with the appropriate comparator therapy for the expansion of the therapeutic indication of fingolimod approved in May 2014.
Video games designed to rehabilitate some cognitive deficiencies can help brain connectivity in patients with multiple sclerosis.
With a unique delivery method alemtuzumab, also known as Lemtrada has proven to be an effective treatment option for multiple sclerosis. While careful monitoring is required new data has shown benefits for the right patient population.
As more research is collected about Tecfidera's usage since clinical trials and approval there continue to be signs that it can be a good treatment option for patients with multiple sclerosis, especially in the earliest stages.
Technology has many uses in modern life. Recent research looked at whether advanced games and other apps could help improve cognitive function in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Layoffs are tough. But, the economic downturn, lower insurance reimbursements, increased business expenses and the expectation that medical practices “do more with less” may make layoffs unavoidable.
The Zika virus, the latest virus to warrant public health concerns, could be associated with an autoimmune disorder similar to multiple sclerosis.

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