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Multiple Sclerosis
The MD Magazine Multiple Sclerosis condition center provides clinical news and articles, information about upcoming conferences and meetings, updated clinical trial listings, and other resources.

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Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Caused by Poor Sleep
Primary fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) is generally considered to be related to centrally mediated processes of the disease, while secondary fatigue is believed to be a result of the host of factors that can accompany MS, such as depression or sleep disturbance.
Last night’s Republican primary debate provided further evidence that many people still believe that autism is caused by vaccines.
California's "End of Life Option Act" faces stiff opposition from the American College of Physicians. The bill will become state law unless California's Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes it.
Exercising may reduce disease activity for pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis, according to the results of a study published in Neurology.
This article summarizes the most popular diet plans in MS for easier use in your clinical practice.
High-sodium diets could be a risk factor for multiple sclerosis (MS) in addition to genetic predisposition and additional factors, according to research published in The FASEB Journal.

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