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Studying How People with Multiple Sclerosis Experience Prognostic Uncertainty
Venturing into largely unexplored territory, researchers from the University of Southampton conducted interviews with MS patients to determine their emotional response to their interactions with healthcare professionals, as it pertained to their prognoses. The study determines increased sensitivity, awareness, and attention may be needed among HCPs to best communicate with their MS patients.
Dimethylfumarate, a multiple sclerosis drug metabolite, could be a safe and effective therapy for Parkinson’s disease and slow its onset.
Following a diet that mirrors the habits of fasting can reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
Multiple sclerosis symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and paresthesia can be alleviated using yoga and aquatic exercises.
The multiple sclerosis immunosuppressant drug mitoxantrone might be linked to an increased risk for breast and colorectal cancer.
Researchers have identified a specific genetic mutation that may increase the likelihood of developing a rapidly progressing form of multiple sclerosis.
Fewer than half the participants in a recent study benefited from medications to treat tremor in multiple sclerosis, showing the condition is under-treated, an Alabama research team reported.
There are key differences in the gut microbial community composition in children with early-onset multiple sclerosis compared to healthy children without multiple sclerosis.
While having a number of choices to pick from when treating patients with multiple sclerosis can be advantageous there can also be challenges that need to be addressed by both doctors and patients

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