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Ozone Knee Injection Therapy Shows Promise for Osteoarthritis
Other than joint replacement, not much works in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. A Brazilian research team said it has had success with intra-articular injections of ozone.
In preliminary results presented at ObesityWeek, University of Pittsburgh researchers revealed that 3 years after bariatric surgery, the majority of patients experience an improvement in pain and walking ability.
Study results suggest that balneotherapy and physical therapy can not only reduce nocturnal pain for patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis, but can also improve sleep quality.
A New Zealand study announced in Trials will examine whether the antidepressant nortriptyline can safely and effectively treat knee osteoarthritis. The medication is inexpensive and readily available, and it is well-tolerated in patients treated for depression.
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved meloxicam (Vivlodex/ Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain.
Study results suggest that maintaining proper weight is not just associated with better disease outcomes but also less pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
The field of rheumatology is largely the same whether it is in the civilian or military world. Differences can be seen in the cause of some of these conditions as well as the treatment options pursued by doctors.

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