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Plaque Psoriasis
The MD Magazine Plaque Psoriasis condition center provides clinical news and articles, information about upcoming conferences and meetings, updated clinical trial listings, and other resources.

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Skin Problems in College Students: Could Stress Levels Be the Reason?
College kids who break out or get hives can, in fact, blame some of their skin problems on heightened levels of psychological stress.
Recent research has discovered evidence potentially supporting a parent-of-origin effect in psoriatic disease.
It is generally well-understood that smoking cigarettes exacerbates symptoms of psoriasis. But recent study results clarify and strengthen the link between smoking and the development of psoriatic lesions.
When I first started seeing patients on my own, I would get annoyed when patients came in with printouts from WebMD, Health.com, or the dreaded Wikipedia.
The healthcare technology company Philips has launched BlueControl 2.0, a device created to treat patients afflicted with psoriasis.
A topical foam product combining calcipotriene and betamethasone dipropionate has been approved for the treatment of plaque psoriasis in adults age 18 and older.
Researchers report that tailored, computer-based training and interventions can increase the effectiveness of health promotion programs for many workplaces.

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