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Whole Foods + Twitter = Sick Care Digital Health
Creating high-priced digital health solutions that are hard to use and don't address user pain seems to be the latest digital health MO. Perhaps they can learn something by having coffee with their colleagues at Whole Foods and Twitter.
Complications and long-term impacts of the Zika virus are unknown, but three deaths have just been tied to the disease.
There’s always news in the travel industry. Here’s a roundup of travel-related news, tips, and deals.
Norwegian researachers found a connection between bleeding gums and respiratory ailments.
Loss of the sense of taste in patients with multiple sclerosis is more common than thought.
In this first of a multi-part series, we look at what each of the main presidential candidates is proposing and how those proposals will affect healthcare and your personal finances.
We like to talk about retirement planning as if it were a clear process with easily predicted outcomes. The truth is, millions of Americans find their expectations about when they will retire and how much money they will have were way off the mark.
A porn actor infected with HIV put 17 sex partners in four countries at risk and infected at least two of them, CDC investigators report. The agency called on federal OSHA officials to enact worker protection rules for sex-film workers, including use of pre-exposure prophylactic drugs.
Gut microbiota may trigger fat loss in response to colder temperatures, according to findings published in the journal Cell.

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